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Product  Description

SAP Business One is a simple but powerful solution that handles accounting, reporting, logistics and customer relationship management. The solution gives decision makers on demand access to critical, real time information as all financial and sales management capabilities are fully integrated. With SAP Business One, complete and up-to-the-minute view of your business can be provided instantaneously to support decisions making. It is a proven effective platform for managing critical business processes efficiently.
The core SAP Business One application provides all the functionality you need to run your business. If necessary, you can even add other functional enhancements. SAP Business One connects seamlessly to other applications via standard interfaces.


When you run SAP Business One, you can:
• Increase your employee productivity by having more tasks done with the same headcount
• Know your Profit and Loss for each order and each product line anytime
• Speed up your business process and allow quick response to your customer’s needs 
• Achieve better inventory and cost control
• Take proactive control of your business through automatic alerts, workflows, and response to key business     events and customer needs. 
• Link up with your multi-national customers with ease 
• Support your changing needs with easy-to-use customization tools to fit your specific business needs and individual user preferences

Accounting and Financials
• Financial accounting
• Budgeting
• Banking
• Financial reporting

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Sales opportunity management
• Web-based customer management
• Microsoft Outlook integration
• Customer service and support
• Business partner management

Operations & Distribution
• Sales and delivery
• E-commerce
• Purchasing
• Inventory management
• Production planning 

Administration & Reporting
• Human resources management
• Automatic alerts
• Reports
• Drag and relate
• Customization and integration


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